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Top 5 Instant Ways to Get Curb Appeal Under $250

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Whether you're trying to keep up with the Jones', or getting ready to put your home on the market, or trying to impress your new father-in-law, this article is going to give you five tips to instantly enhance your curb appeal under $250 which can all be accomplished in a single day! Imagine your nosy neighbor turning in for the night, only to awaken and see... you not only updated one thing about your home...but you went above and beyond and updated a whole lot about your home! Who's jealous now Tom (or whatever your neighbor's name is)?

Okay, so now to the stuff that really matters..what can you do to have the freshest house on the block? We got you covered, take a look at this list!

1. Pressure wash areas leading to the home

2. Remove and repair rusted, rotted, mulched or blocked debris from area

3. If your garage door is positioned in the front of the home, replace your garage doors to a new updated look.

4. Update your landscaping by introducing a combination of plants, flowers, bushes and stones

5. Update your lighting with contemporary, weather-proof lighting fixtures.

These updates can all be done in a single day by a licensed, reputable contractor.




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