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10 Things to Know Before Calling a Garage Door Repair Company

So, your garage door isn't working the way you need it to work? Maybe it's too noisy, maybe it rattles so much you think you're having an earthquake or maybe you noticed the sensor didn't alert and stop in time when something was obstructing the garage door area?

All these sceneries are pretty worrisome - but don't worry, at ProTech we got you covered! Here's 10 things you should know before calling a reputable garage door repair company so that they can service your issues quickly:

1. What is your full address

2. What symptom are you experiencing?

3. When did the symptom start?

4. Is it an ongoing issue, or does it sometimes resolve on it's own?

5. If it happens sometime, can you replicate the step?

6. Is it a single door, a double garage - but single door, or is it s 3 car garage with single doors?

7. Can you capture a picture or video the symptom?

8. What is your availability?

9. If you're not available, will someone over the age of 18 be present?

10. Any name brands associated on the garage door or garage door equipment?

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